Black Copper

Royal Black Copper

The Royal Black Copper is the result of an intense collaboration between Sjöö Sandström and Krons. It started out as an idea for Krons 50 years’ anniversary 2016: we wanted to create something special, something that brings us even closer. Krons Store Mangager Hampus Wickerfält is the man behind the original drawing and design. After seeing it for the first time, we all felt that this was something we wanted to show the world. A truly unique piece, inspired by the watch that started Sjöö Sandström’s journey back in 1993, the Automatic S1. The material we have chosen to work with, is certainly something special.

The black DLC case with the copper dial makes the watch unique. It effectively manages to interweave our DNA; Craftsmanship, tradition, nature and Swedish luxury combined. All of us at Sjöö Sandström and Krons are very proud of the outcome. Reassured by our successful past and our ability to cooperate with stunning results, we are confident that we have only seen the beginning of Krons and Sjöö Sandström’s journey into the future.